The beauty industry has grown so much in the last few decades! Consumers now are curious to know what they are putting onto their skin and the awareness has spread so much. This article is about hyaluronic acid. This component has been associated with most beauty and skincare products. If you carefully investigate, the skin care products that you currently are using might have this as an ingredient. So what exactly is this hyaluronic acid?

Its short form is HA and is popular among ladies who face the issue of dryness. It is a savior for ladies who are bothered about ageing. This acid is mostly seen in serums and moisturisers.  Hyaluronic Acid is nothing but a substance that attracts water into it. It means that it hydrates the skin, to make it look young and full of life!

This is a naturally occurring sugar that has the power to hold water. This acid is also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate. It hydrates the skin deeply and makes skin plump. 

This substance naturally occurs in our body, but as we age its presence decreases. That is where we trick the skin and apply it topically to adjust its level in our skin. It fills out the lines and wrinkles in our skin and gives a healthy appearance. Imagine this to be a pore filling cream that is more potent.

Since this acid is watery in consistency, it is best to apply after cleansing. This is when the skin drinks up all the moisture. To lock in the goodness of this acid, apply a moisturiser on top of it. This will ensure that the acid works deep into the skin. Hyaluronic acid is beneficial for all skin types but dry skinned ladies are saved mostly here.

It draws all moisture from the atmosphere and provides it to the skin. This maintains the moisture level of the skin to make it look happy and healthy!  

Like every coin has two sides, this acid too has a side effect. Studies have shown that if you are living in a really dry climate, this acid has the tendency to draw out all moisture from your skin. This of course, will lead to dry skin! So, check your region before investing in this product.

Some say this acid is Botox in a bottle! You can’t expect this acid to magically transform your mature skin to child-like skin. But over a period of time, it will give good results.   

Hyaluronic acid amazes by giving smoothness and suppleness to the skin. This humectant has mostly good things for the skin. So next time you are going to build or change your skincare, look for skincare products that contain this acid!