Beauty products, especially anti aging skin care products are the superior essentials a woman needs in her daily routine. The reality is, though makeup products can be seen predominantly on a fully made-up face look, the real beauty of the skin is reflected when anti aging skin care is followed strictly and religiously.

There are several winkle cream, anti aging cream and other face care products in India which have caught enough attention of Indian women. The latest sensational news is of the new skin care line launched in India by an American beauty brand, Mitchell USA.

Mitchell USA has been a leader for long in the cosmeceutical skincare world. Their products have been considered stellar and are powered with high performance.

India specific beauty products from Mitchell USA

The newly launched Mitchell USA products have been crafted taking into consideration India’s pollution and its negative effects. While designing their range of products for Indian women, the brand has also considered the damage done to the skin due to stress and lack of sleep.

This range of India specific product line has Lotus Seed extract as its key ingredient. Including Lotus Seed extracts in beauty products is believed to be in tradition from as long as 1800 years ago. The power to reduce the signs of ageing in lotus seed extracts is immense, thus the long history. It dates back to the time of pharaohs and queens of ancient Egypt. They deeply relied on the potent powers of Lotus.

While India considers lotus highly sacred, Buddhist monks in China too have greatly cherished lotus seeds. Skin regimen using lotus seed extracts has been proved to be magical on skin.

The brand claims that this new line of products made to suit Indian skin also helps to protect the skin from smog and pollution the country is facing. This range of products with Lotus Seed extracts formula have the ability to be the next mantra of skin care in Indian women.

This Mitchell USA India products range known as Lotus Quest Product range includes

Mitchell USA’s Ageless products in India are available through beauty and wellness stores and you may also buy online from e-commerce sites.

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